10 extravagant scenic images of Lady Gaga at the show in Las Vegas

This winter, 32-year-old Lady Gaga was the main star on the red carpet of the awards: starring in the film Bradley Cooper “a Star is born” (A Star Is Born), it never ceases to harvest praise and figurines. But even this triumph does not outshine her new musical show in Las Vegas, where the singer has already made several times. And every concert was remembered to fans not only a powerful sound, but no less Grand fashion show on stage. SPLETNIK.RU proposes to consider, in that the singer, known for his love of extravagant images was wearing.

1. Glitter total black fringe and hat.

2. Embroidered with precious stones dress by Ralph Lauren, silver shoes from Jimmy Choo and feather Cape.

3. Gloves and black and pink outfit by Schiaparelli.

4. Butterfly and women’s tuxedo by Ralph Lauren.

5. “Armor” from your favorite designer Asher Levine.

6. Silver suit from Tom Ford helped the singer to get used to the role of the heavenly bodies flying over the crowd.

7. In a light green coat and bodysuit Lady Gaga resembled an alien.

8. Blue wig and pearl bodysuit from Vex.

9. Transparent Cape and bodysuit metallic tone.

10. And again body! But this time in the bandage style.


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