8-year-old girl spent more than $1800 in Roblox

Eight-year-old girl from Wrexham (Wales) managed to spend 1450 pounds (about $1800) on in-app purchases in a multiplayer online Roblox platform. The funds were used as credit card debt parents.

Edition of BBC claims that the child was able to reset the security settings of the iPad and make purchases after added your fingerprint to Touch ID. All this happened without the knowledge of parents.

“Daughter, Kathy Phillips (Katie Phillips) dropped the security settings to make your own fingerprint to make purchases”, – writes the BBC.

As representatives of the Bank’s Barclaycard credit card which was used, a daughter of Mrs. Phillips for a three-day period has accumulated a debt of £1890 and made a total of 255 purchase price range which starts from 99 to 99.99 pounds.

Parents in this situation do not plead guilty. In their opinion, the daughter did not know that paying real money. In response to a request to cancel a purchase, the Barclaycard representatives said that it will not work and the debt will have to return.

“Unfortunately, customers are responsible for transactions authorized with the use of biometric data and Apple ID, so we can’t repair the damage. Despite this, we sympathize with the situation and planning not charging interest on these transactions. Apple has a number of features that help control costs, for example, the ability to disable in-app purchases” – expressed in the credit institution.

As exceptions, Barclaycard has agreed not to charge interest on payments, thus the total debt was reduced from 1890 to 1450 pounds.


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