8 unexpected causes of chronic fatigue

Nowadays, among the many reasons for chronic fatigue as a separate item allocate fast pace of life in which the body is under constant stress, the emotional and intellectual load.

Trying to protect other systems of the body, the nervous system goes into alarm, gentle operation. But besides this reason, there are other – sometimes unexpected.

1. A reaction to the weather. Magnetic storms, strong winds, changes in atmospheric pressure, a sudden thaw and freezing Deplete the nervous system and cause lethargy and malaise.

2. Strict diet. It is always stressful for the body, and the stricter it is, the harder organs and systems. Particularly harmful mono (on apples, yogurt and so on) and diets of 1000 kcal or less. The body is experiencing an acute shortage of nutrients, and responds by slowing down metabolism. In addition, while they lose muscle mass, and we falter in the literal sense of the word.

3. Sweets on an empty stomach. A sharp rise in the blood sugar causes the pancreas to actively produce insulin. He quickly “recovers” simple carbs from candy or chocolates, and since then the nutrients are not available, the level of glucose in the blood falls below the acceptable. As a result, after 20-30 minutes, we feel weakness, it may even start dizziness.

Better snacking on candies, and fruits and bread: they are, in addition to glucose, contain pectin, starch and fiber, which support optimal blood sugar levels.

4. Clothes of dark tones. Many people prefer to dress in black. This color is slimming, but does not add to the cheerfulness. Scientists discovered that the checks, which is accepted to be in tuxedos and dark dresses, guests get tired twice as fast than the informal parties.

You feel drained? Select clothes red color – it will give you energy. Expending energy too active, excited, nervous? Wear blue or green and these colors are immersed in peace and serenity. Tired of communication with clients and family? Please note the beige and light brown palette – from it emanates warmth, trust and friendliness.

5. Weight. According to recent studies, excess body weight, especially if you gained it quickly leads to fatigue. Due to the protruding abdomen in obese people displaced center of gravity and posture is bad, so they get tired quickly.

6. The habit of doing several things at once. Experts advise not to read the book and follow the progress of a football match, view documents and maintain a conversation, talk on the phone and watching TV. It is very exhausting for the nervous system. Don’t know where to start? Start the organizer. Sometimes it is enough to make a to do list and note made to stay awake and full of energy.

7. Smoking. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, impairs blood circulation and causes oxygen starvation. The result is fatigue. Some experts do not undertake to treat asthenia of smokers, because you consider it a waste of their money and their time.

8. Trips behind the wheel. Awkward posture, visual and nervous tension, repetitive actions, infinite tube very tiring. The symptoms of driver’s fatigue – faded look, slowed reaction time, confusion, forgetfulness.


You have chronic fatigue syndrome if you for six months or longer feel the fatigue that does not improve even after two weeks of rest, and mark at least four symptoms from the following list:

– weakness, lethargy, apathy, lack of energy,

– nervous exhaustion, irritability, problems with self-control,

– low-grade fever (up to 37,5 °C), which lasts a long time

– impaired memory, the need to exert excessive effort to solve seemingly simple problems, a progressive decline in health,

is the marked reduction or weight gain, digestive disorders,

– insomnia at night and drowsiness in daytime, anxiety and groundless fears,

– discomfort in the muscles, hand tremor, incoordination, headache.

In addition, one of the signs of the disease – Smoking and alcohol abuse in an attempt to remove the constant stress.


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