Kherson Vodokanal will purchase imported purifying reagent

Dnepropetrovsk firm proposed SCE “Personological” innovative reagent for the purification of wastewater. The Director of the municipal enterprise Michael Chemerys said at the Commission meeting on housing.

“On the basis of our treatment facilities was carried out laboratory tests which showed a very positive result. After interaction with waste water, already held a preliminary purification, reagent significantly reduces the level of phosphates. This is a very sensitive issue now,” said Chemeris.

Purchase the required amount of imported reagent the utility requires funding from the city budget in the amount of approximately 4.5 million.

Use of the substance significantly reduce the level of contamination of the groundwater and the river Dnieper, which is the main “drain” sewage pruned. Also it will give the chance saves energy, because, according to Director of “Personological” in the evening and morning hours at the sewage treatment plant receives sewage effluents in which the permissible level of substances exceeded several times, and it has to be stored in the tank and double drive through “cleaner”. And it is very energy consuming.

So, members of the public utilities Commission this proposition was supported and included it in the list of issues requiring funding session on February 27.


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