4 habits that can be damaging to the brain

Experts have pointed to habits that undermine the health of the Central nervous system and increase the risk of development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

No Breakfast. Many people say they don’t want to eat in the morning. And don’t eat. According to scientists, this habit can be damaging to the brain. When a person does not eat in the morning, his brain is not getting the valuable nutrients in the early afternoon. A deficiency of vitamins and other nutrients weakens its function.

Smoking. The habit of Smoking significantly increases the risk of developing dementia (acquired dementia) or Alzheimer’s disease. The more smoke a person smokes, the higher the risk that his brain may be affected due to the development of neurodegenerative processes. Tobacco use negatively affects blood vessels, leading to poor blood flow to the brain. People who smoke half to one pack a day have a 37 percent increased risk of developing dementia, and those who smoke more than one a 44% risk of this disease.

To survive. Poor ability to handle stress damaging to the brain, and with the habit of violently to survive on every occasion it is necessary to struggle. Severe stress increases the risk of mental disorders in the future-under its influence, some parts of the brain begin to break down. According to scientists, one of the most effective measures to combat stress is sport.

Have a sweet tooth. Regular consumption of sweets in large quantities has on the brain the same negative effect as a constant stress. Increased sugar consumption contributes to the development of type II diabetes, which in turn is a factor that increases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. The presence of diabetes increases the level of inflammation that is very harmful for brain cells.


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