17 Nov 2018 – holiday in Ukraine today and that is not possible

17 Nov 2018 revered the memory of the presbyter Ermey and Bishop nikandra Worldly. Both the martyrs, according to legend, were disciples of St. Titus, which, in turn, was a disciple of the Apostle Paul.

In people, this day is considered unlucky. People try not to go out unnecessarily and not to start any Affairs. According to legend, on November 17 all spirits are released and try to get into the house.

The name day is celebrated on November 17: Ivan.

Folk omens on November 17

– If the snow fell, soon it will melt.

– What the weather will be that day – this will remain until the end of the month.

What you can do 17 Nov

1. Clean the house, to put in order the areas in the house, folded into a box things fall and prepare for winter.

2. To complete the firewood for the winter. If you have time before that day, all winter in the house will be warm.

What not to do November 17

1. Try this day to spend at home, not go out for no reason.

2. Do not borrow the neighbors anything, because you can give happiness.

3. Do not start any new cases.

4. Do not leave the Windows open, the window and door.

5. Do not invite guests to this day even next of kin.

6. No one lend this day money.

7. In this day you can make a trade and not meet new people – business will not be successful and will not benefit.

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