10 beauty gadgets that will change your care

We always strive to make easier for our beauty treatments: skin care, hair styling or applying makeup. Fortunately, there are lots of ingenious gadgets designed just for that purpose. SPLETNIK.RU made a list of the coolest new products that you should pay attention in 2019, starting in home light therapy for acne and ending automatic tool for cleaning brushes.

Led light for acne Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare DRx SpotLite Blemish Reducer (about 3 500 rubles)

Increasingly, beauty brands are looking towards LED technology, which restore the skin by exposing it to light. Lamp Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare – this is the ray of hope that promises to get rid of acne. One session lasts only three minutes. Blue led light lamp for anti bacteria, red – for reducing inflammation and the treatment of acne at all stages.

Studies have shown that it is effective even in the prevention of, even before the appearance of the pimple

says Dr. Dennis gross, Creator of the eponymous brand.

Set for automatic cleansing brushes Pro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer Kit (2 300 rubles)

Still tormented with wash makeup brushes? Then Pro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer Kit comes to you! This set is for cleaning and drying brushes is very easy to use and handle the dirty work in the three accounts. Hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon confirm this:

I’m a makeup artist, I have tons of brushes in different sizes that I use daily. Able to clear them as quickly and as efficiently is my dream. You only need warm water and any antibacterial soap. Remember that to wash my brushes every 2-4 weeks. They are like a sponge to absorb oil, dirt and bacteria that can cause skin irritation, clogged pores and acne.

Styler Satin Hair 7 AS 720 with IONTEC, Braun (4 990 rubles)

Air locks like Kate Middleton with this Styler work on one-two-three. Large oval brush designed for smoothing hair and comb to create volume from the roots. Bonus – IONTEC, which should enhance the Shine and smoothness of hair. Styler gives them millions of active ions, which act as antistatic.

Device for skin care, face Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Facial Steamer Pro (9 500 RUB.)

Remember, in my childhood we were forced to do inhalation with a cold and cough? Device Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare operates on the same principle – only it razmarivaet the skin, softening it and cleansing the pores. A simple device would be particularly useful to owners of dehydrated skin. Long time to sit on the ferry is not necessary – enough nine minutes, and you can enjoy the smooth tone of the face. Such Spa sessions a dermatologists recommend one to two times a week or as needed.

System for teeth whitening HiSmile (about 6 000 RUB.)

Many are skeptical of home kits for teeth whitening, but this has long established itself as one of the most effective and safe (which is important). Led light and whitening gels promise to get rid of yellow stains and plaque and make teeth brighter by at least four to six tones in ten days.

The main active components of the gel is carbamide peroxide and urea (a derivative of urea), they are even used in facial creams to remove pigmentation. When exposed to Blue-Ray lamp or by contact with light and heat is also very active oxygen which pushes all elements from staining the teeth.

Applicator for lotion Remedy Roll-a-lotion Applicator (860 rubles).

Why didn’t we think of this sooner? This thing with the extended handle makes it easy to apply, for example, a lotion, a moisturizing lotion or bronzer onto the skin in hard to reach places, such as on the back.

Laser Hoop for hair restoration HAIRMAX ‘LaserBand 82’ (94 800 RUB.)

This alien (in every way: price it too cosmic) ring features 82 primary laser emitters, which increase blood circulation, stimulate protein synthesis, accelerate blood flow and increase the number of functioning capillaries. Nutrients and oxygen in greater volume flow to the hair follicles, so hair becomes thicker and stronger. The gadget proved its efficacy even in the treatment of alopecia!

Therapy is recommended three times a week for 90 seconds (three movements for 30 seconds). Instant results do not expect at all about all will leave not less than six months.

And one more thing. It is possible that if you stop using laser Hoop, the condition of the hair may return to its original state.

BeautyBio GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool (13 200 rubles).

Patented technology GloPro stimulates the natural healing response of the skin, causing microhomology.

GloPRO puts your skin in “restoring” mode, which provides a stable result, and causes a reaction with each use. Just like tiny paper cuts makes your skin on your finger immediately, be delayed, the same effect happens with your face with this device

– experts explain.

Microtrauma cause new collagen in fibroblasts and force the cells to divide more rapidly. Then a function of VibroTactile Stimulation in the instrument directs the energy to the deepest layers of the skin. The regeneration process begins immediately, cells react to invisible micro-channels, restoring the volume from the inside. Finally, the red led indicator serves as an anti-inflammatory remedy to eliminate redness. Be sure to apply the serum in for 60 seconds after use, and voila!

However, Dr. Michael Prager, the award winner for Best Botox is that the procedure is likely to be more effective if done in the salon:

In the clinic we use a much longer needle (up to 3 mm for treatment of deep acne scars or deep skin resurfacing), while devices for home use are usually equipped with a needle length of only 0.5 mm.

Clinical trials have shown that GloPRO reduces by 30 percent the nasolabial wrinkles in 30 days of use. No such statistics yet, alas, for other specific areas such as forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Toning device NuFACE Trinity face (21 500 RUB.)

Microcurrent therapy has long been used by cosmetologists. Now carry out the procedure at home. Therapy is the effect on the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle layer by a series of pulsed currents of low voltage. Apply gel primer on the face (you can use any gel-based products – whether it is a contact gel for ultrasound gel with aloe or special primers Nuface) and drive slowly on these lines (you can also reach the neck). The whole procedure takes no more than five minutes.

The manufacturer recommends using the device courses five days a week for 60 days. Continue to support the result, using it two to three times a week. Microelectrochemical improves blood circulation, increases the production of collagen and elastin (they are responsible for the tone). It strengthens the skin, making facial contours more clearly (Hello, cheekbones!) and wrinkles.

Gadget to smooth pores Pore Smasher, Banish (2 500 RUB)

Have you ever dipped your face in a bowl of ice water to reduce the redness and inflammation? No? In any case, now you never have to do that. Ice and cold is known to have anti-inflammatory effect on the body and tone the skin. Although pores cannot be physically changed in size visually you can make them look more “Zaburunye” with the help of the gadget from Banish. The upper part of the unusual device detaches so you can store it in the freezer, much space it will take.

“Smart” scales Body Composition Scale Mi, Xiaomi (2 990 RUB.)

Mi Body Composition Scale – it’s not just the scale, and “smart” scales that measure 10 indicators your body: BMI(body mass index), the volume of muscle tissue, bone mass (maybe your bone is still not heavy?), the water level in the body, body type and even overall physical condition.

These scales work on the basis of bioimpendancemetria. When you stand on them, gadget passes through you invisible current pulse. Since fat does not conduct electricity, the scales know how much of it in your body compared to everything else.

Please note that people with pacemakers and other medical devices to use the scales-analyzers is not necessary. All the data can be seen in free Mi Fit app for Android or iOS.


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