$1 million to anyone who can find the hackers who conducted the attack on Twitter accounts Mask, Bezos, bill gates and others

Wednesday, July 15, dozens of Twitter accounts since October to powerful individuals, technology companies, politicians and celebrities, was broken by hackers. Accounts have been published of the famous cryptocurrency Scam, which promised to increase the money of every person who will send a bitcoin (Bitcoin, VTS) at a specific address.

Twitter said that this problem is related to the attack on social engineering committed against senior employees with admin access. Via admin panel hackers have taken control of the accounts, changing passwords and emails for recovery. This writes Cointelegram.

Among others, was also hacked the Twitter account of Elon musk and other related cryptocurrency accounts, including major exchanges such as Binance, American Coinbase and Gemini.

In the past Musk has discussed cryptohalite on his Twitter, and said that he owns of 0.25 PTS.

The attack came the account of bill gates, Jaffa Bezos, and other celebrities.

Ten minutes later, the wallet address that was posted on the account Mask is already contained 3,64 bitcoin that is about $34 498 at the time of this writing.

Before the account Mask was broken, the wallet received only 0,6527 VTS after was posted on the hacked accounts of many exchanges.

Obviously the attacker has already gained access to numerous accounts in the cryptocurrency space, including the largest stock exchange in Cryptoprotected. Binance and Coinbase has 2.2 million followers on Twitter, and the account Mask to order more – 36.9 million followers.

After that, one of the victims, TRON founder and owner BitTorren Justin San (Justin Sun), declared that will pay a million dollars to anyone who smogeli to track the hackers and report hackers.

“We are working closely with Twitter to immediately solve this problem and return our account to its normal state. Our goal is to work safely and responsibly ensuring the safety of our accounts to the highest standards.”

Justin San also noted that this story once again emphasizes the adoption of a decentralized society more robust software and services.

On the website CoiNews earlier we wrote that the company MGM Resorts received a massive data breach in 2019, during which it was exposed 142 million guests at the MGM Grand. Now the hacker is selling a stolen database for about $2900.

The portal CoiNews informed that just two months after halving bitcoin, which was held in may, Hasrat bitcoin and the difficulty of mining the main cryptocurrency reaches new highs.

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