5 foods that you can safely buy in large quantity

The products of the weights or in large packages are often cheaper, which ultimately impact on the family budget. However, not all worth buying in large quantity. But these five foods can add to the shopping list.


Frozen berries – a great alternative to fresh. In most cases, they are not inferior to them in number of useful components. While their cost is much lower, and they are stored for months.


Nuts – great for snacking. They are rich in beneficial fats. Thus they can be stored for a long time, especially the options in the shell.

Brown rice

Brown rice is a much healthier usual white. Thus it can be stored for several years. Brown rice is rich in b vitamins, it’s digested slower, and so gives more energy and a feeling of fullness.


Oatmeal does not contain gluten, but it is full of soluble fiber. Another plus is the cheap product. From oats to cook the porridge, casseroles, use it as toppings and even desserts.


Spices – a great way to diversify the usual meals, giving them a new taste. The advantage is its long shelf life. When buying it is better to choose solid options. For example, the pepper is ground.


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