12 December 2018 – a holiday in Ukraine today and that is not possible

12 December 2018, the sacred memory of the Holy of Paramon. On this day people in the old days trying to predict the weather for the whole winter. What will be the day of 12 December, this will be the weather until the end of winter. In people, this day is called Kalita. It is considered the bachelor celebration, as the night the boys are allowed to misbehave and to do various damages.

Also on this day is St. Andrew’s night which helps unmarried girls to learn their future destiny: we’ll have another year to sit on the shelf, or for a lucky lady waiting for a successful marriage. However, it is necessary to guess the night before the holiday, from 12 to 13 December.

The name day is celebrated December 12: Daniel, Denis, Ivan, Nikolai, Fyodor.

Folk omens on December 12:

– Went this day, the snow will soon be a Blizzard.

– If still not snowing, until 19 December, there will be severe frosts.

– Carpathian legends, on the night of Andrew, witches could deprive cows of milk. Consequently, men burned all night of the ritual fires.

What can you do 12 Dec

1. This day will borrow something from the neighbors: matches, salt or bread. Thus you will attract good fortune for the whole year.

2. In the diet keep the Golden mean: do not overeat and do not starve. Reduce consumption of salt and hot spices. Today drink tea with lemon balm.

3. Feed this day chickens the crap out of the right hand, so they will be better to rush.

4. Tonight the girls can use a variety of divination to learn his fate.

5. Today resolved single loss in the night from 12 to 13 December. Whatever they did, forgive them everything. Usually, Andrew night guys can remove the gates from the yards of the girls they like.

Guessing Andrew’s night

1. A few girls have to take his right boot and put it alternately from the wall to the door. Whose boots first “cross the threshold, the girl first married.

2. The evening before the celebration of St. Andrew’s nights ask your friends to write boys ‘ names on sheets of paper. When legitimate to sleep, put under the pillow and in the morning pull out the name of his betrothed.

3. A girl’s gotta run out into the street and ask the name of the first comer. They say that the name will carry future husband.

Guessing Andrew’s night

4. Take a vessel and pour there any grain, put different rings: gold, silver, precious stone and simple. Toss so that there was not one of them. Close your eyes and pull the ring. If you pulled out a silver – meet a soulmate, gold – get married with that stone – be loved, simple a year you will seek your destiny.

5. Girls this night make dumplings or pies. Each of the girls have to put their own special dumpling in a row and get a pet. Whose dumpling pet will quickly eat the girl first married.

What not to do 12 Dec

1. Nobody proves his innocence and not dramatize the situation. Just smout, and the truth will still be on your side.

2. Do not engage in divination, which is life-threatening.

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