12 electric cars have experienced the real range of travel on a single charge

A group of American experts has decided to evaluate the real range of an electric car. Unfortunately, they are unable to use all of the popular models of electric cars, but were able to check out 12 cars and make your own conclusions.

The European NEDC test “the New European driving cycle” as has been repeatedly proved, by about 30% overpriced achievable distance. American procedure WLTP “world harmonized test procedure for passenger cars” is somewhat better, but also provides more forgiving than real, terms.

The most severe is considered a standard by the American Agency for environmental protection US EPA.

American experts decided to conduct its own tests of electric vehicles to create a realistic rating. They are unable to have a few popular cars such as the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus (625 miles on the EPA standard) or the Chevrolet Bolt (415 km EPA), however, have been able to test 12 popular models.

In many ways they were shocked by the results, as their rating of some electric cars differed greatly from the testimony received the US EPA.


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