“It’s a chance!” (photo)

Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk, who recently turned 50, stunned fans with the revelation about the breakup.

So a celebrity became a heroine of the cover of the glossy “Good advice” and gave a Frank interview, in which he shared his thoughts on this difficult topic. Relevant publication Bilyk shared on personal page in Instagram.

“I believe that every breakup needs a woman to inspire: it’s a chance to change for the better. What do you think?” – signed a publishing singer.

Note that the fans of the singer reacted ambiguously to her new post.

“All right! Only the strong think and act. I’m with you”, “That’s for sure”, “If to go from reverse, then to be constantly inspired, constantly have to leave?”, “Separation can and inspires, but not a loss”, “Why is a happy man writes about the breakup? Strange,” the man wrote.

In the life of Irina Bilyk had a lot of men. So, my first not official and her husband producer Yuri Nikitin, the singer met at a festival in the city of Vinnitsa. Their relationship lasted 7 years, during this time, he did a lot for the popularity of the artist.

Note that after the breakup, Yuri left the producer singer and was until 2014.

The first official husband Bilyk – model Andrew Overchuk. Their relationship developed very rapidly. The year 1999 marked the birth of his son Gleb. The godfather of the boy was Yuri Nikitin. The couple has been together for only three years.

After breaking up with A. Overchuk, the singer had an affair with choreographer Dmitry Kolyadenko. These relationships were vivid and controversial, but before the official ceremony, it never came.

In 2007 Iryna Bilyk married the second time in choreographer Dmitry Dikusar. The chosen one was under the artist of 15 years. They lived together for 3 years.

After that, Iryna Bilyk has started to conceal details of his personal life, and in 2014 admitted that she has a relationship. So, she began to appear in public with the stylist, photographer and Director Aslan by ahmedovym.

It turned out that Bilyk and Akhmadov entered into a formal marriage in 2013. In 2015, the couple had a son Tabriz, thanks to a surrogate mother.


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