5-year-old Milan urgently needs help

Five-year Milan needs help. The girl severe diagnosis of spastic diplegia (cerebral palsy).

Asking for help turned the girl’s mother:

“I’m a single mother of two children (16 and 5 years). Junior girl Milan special – cerebral palsy of spastic diplegia. My daughter just financial support is needed for rehabilitation. As the Girl requires constant care, I’m not able to go to work.”

During the delivery, had a baby is in distress. The child was unconscious, while the girl revived suffered a brain injury. Milan have been prescribed massages, physiotherapy and exercises in the pool. Only in two years, the doctors found that the girl has cerebral palsy. Classes and rehabilitation has borne fruit – my mom saw the first steps of his daughter.

“The child is growing, bones and muscles do not have time so quickly to stretch. In order to reduce the tone constantly need to do massage and physical therapy. But to relax muscles we need to use the pool. You need to be treated every six months. The cost of which 16.400 hryvnia. Unfortunately, I have no money, ” says the mother of Milana.

According to experts, in Milana is a chance to grow healthy. All you need to help care about the fate of girls of people.

Details for assistance:

4149-4391-0175-0960 – Savchenko Anna

(095) 575-88-14 Anna.


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