14 Dec 2018 – holiday in Ukraine today and that is not possible

14 December 2018 to celebrate the day of Nahum. According to popular legend, Nahum – the patron of knowledge, intelligence and virtue. Therefore, the believers believe, if you start training on this day, the science will be easier and more efficient.

Birthday 14 Dec celebrate: Anton, Dmitry.

Folk omens on December 14:

The North wind blows will soon come strong frosts.

– In the sky shimmer with star – expect storms.

– If you hear a deaf dog barking – wait for snowfall.

– The day was warm, the winter will be warm.

– A lot of snow to flood in the spring.

– If you dream in the night from 13 to 14 December, the dream remember it in minute detail, because it may be prophetic.

– Night maketime cat – for happiness and good in the house.

What can I do 14 Dec

1. Parents should pray Naum to the child at school studied well.

2. Listen to the advice that will give you this day. They will help you in the future.

What not to do on 14 December

1. Giving alms to a beggar – do not look him in the eye.

2. Try not to go out of the house today, especially in the dark.

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