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Today is Epiphany; whether the summer is hot, putting the first strawberry and solve the mystery of Neptune.

Today Sainted Epiphanios, Bishop of Cyprus (403) – one of the early Fathers of the Church. He became famous for uncompromising struggle with heresies. Professed Judaism, but later adopted Christianity. All his possessions distributed to the needy and for several years was a pupil of the famous Abba Hilarion, lived in the Egyptian desert. After he settled in Cyprus and for 36 years was the head of the Church of Cyprus. St. Epiphanius also known the fact that led the fight against the Archbishop of Constantinople John Chrysostom, even demanded his removal from the pulpit.

If Epiphany was hot, and the summer to be hot. By the way, in Germany today is the feast of the strawberry – one of the symbols of summer, your favorite berries children and adults. Strawberry contains vitamin C, folic acid, fiber, iodine, sucrose and fructose. It is noteworthy that fructose is prevalent, so the strawberries can eat and people with diabetes. But patients with gastric ulcer and gastritis, it is better this berry is not.

Birthday today, Herman, Peter, Simon.

3-4 lunar day, Moon in Cancer. Now all the social processes that emerged at the end of last year, slow down, figuratively speaking, go for depth. The development of the outlined trends has halted, it gives a chance for the analysis, conclusions and preparation for the September-October, when all the process again “starts”. We are now at the point of origin of the new financial ekonomichnogo cycle that will occur in the summer of 2025. These cycles, lasting 35 years – it habitual. Something similar happened in the late eighties – early nineties. Transformirovalsya all forms of functioning of the world economy. In the summer of 2025 new rules will be introduced, which will function until about 2062. From December 2019 to December 2020 we are in key position when starting from four large planetary cycles, forming the story. Their duration – from 16 to 160 years. From 2012 to 2025 Neptune is in Pisces. This is a very “heavy” planet, “steering” the hidden aspects of human life: viruses, diseases, psychology, suggestions, rumors, gossip, all unclear and confusing. The results of this stay, we feel… Productive Monday to all who work and good rest to those who rest!

According to the Central geophysical Observatory of Ukraine, the coldest this day was in Kiev in 1909: +2,6; and the warmest in 2007 +30,7.


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