10 products, which are contraindicated juicer

Pineapple, whole apples, bananas and some other products in any case can not be used for squeezing juice because it can lead to health problems.

This opinion of the American nutritionist Neda varbanova quoted by the Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra and together with the expert leads the list of nine fruits and vegetables that cannot be used in juicers.


Rich in vitamin C, broccoli may seem like the perfect ingredient for homemade “green juice”, but Varbanova puts him in first place with a minus sign. “Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables difficult to digest, explains nutritionist, and this can cause swelling or seizures. That is why I do not recommend squeeze broccoli, especially those who have irritable bowel syndrome “.


Containing too little of the juice, this tropical fruit is more suitable for a blender than a juicer.


Coconut milk and coconut water can give the juices more delicious taste, but because the coconut meat, it is not enough, it is better to buy both products in the supermarket.

Green leafy vegetables

Kale and spinach provide a good dose of calcium and vitamins A and C, but it is better not to use them in a juicer if you suffer from kidney stones due to high content of oxalates – substances which, in connection with calcium in the body can cause problems with health.


Fructose sensitive people should stay away from compressed pears. “Pears contain sorbitol which is nevereverever sugar, which can cause sudden bowel movement, warns Varbanova, and that is why many people take pear juice for constipation”.


This tropical fruit is a concentrate of vitamins and fiber, provided you eat the whole thing. “If you squeeze the pineapple, all these benefits are lost, leaving only sugar that can cause a spike in insulin levels,” – emphasizes the dietitian.

Citrus fruit peels

Oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes should always be peeled because their peel contains compounds that can irritate the digestive system. In addition, in the skin no juice that can be squeezed.


Being very fibrous in composition, rhubarb not only has enough juice, but can also damage the juicer.


Bananas have no juice to squeeze, but they are perfect for the blender.

The entire Apple

Apples can be used for squeezing, but first they need to remove the seeds. The fact that the crushing of them contained seeds in almond alcohol turns into prussic acid, a potentially toxic substance to the body.



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