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Ends not only the year – end the decade. For Ukrainian cinema was incredibly important: our films have won at festivals in Cannes and Venice, and talked about them the whole world. New year’s eve the President of the Odessa international film festival and the head of the Supervisory Council of the Ukrainian Academy Viktoriya Tigipko chose 10 Ukrainian films that were the best in the last 10 years.

The debut feature film by Myroslav slaboshpytskiy made the author the most titled Ukrainian film Director. The tribe is unique in its kind. The world’s first film shot without a single word, solely in sign language. The film tells about a young man who joins a criminal organization in a boarding school for the deaf. Premiere of “the Tribe” was held at the Cannes film festival, after which the film traveled at more than 100 film festivals around the world and received over 50 awards, including three for “weeks of criticism” in Cannes and the European film Academy’s prize. These achievements “Tribe” is not limited to – YouTube, the film was watched more than 20 million people.

This kind of reflection directed by Sergei Loznitsa on the events in the East of Ukraine. For it is characteristic of this approach. In his previous films as the documentary “Maidan” and “Austerlitz”, and playing “my Happiness” and “Meek”, he also explored the society and the circumstances in which it exists.

On 71-m the Cannes film festival “Donbass” received in the program “Special view” prize for best Director.

“Donbass” – is a 13 satirical stories that convey the tragedy of the degradation and dehumanization of society as a whole, not just locally. It is rather grotesque reportage tragedy that illustrates how society can turn into a barbarian tribe, because the front line runs not only in geographically designated areas, and in the minds of people. This subtle feature of the war in Donbass, the film received three awards National film award “Golden Dziga”: best film, best Director and best screenplay.

Ahtem Seitablaev took a very important and meaningful movie which is primarily designed for a mass audience. The film describes the events that occurred in the defense of the Donetsk airport during the war in the Donbass in 2014. “Cyborg” may not be an ideal picture, which has its error from a cinematic point of view. But this is a movie that runs on emotions, feelings and memories that are already integrated in the national code of Ukrainians. In this regard, “Cyborgs” work, for which he received in 2018, 6 prizes “Golden Dzyga”, including the award “Best film”.

This is one of the most anticipated films of the year, who directed by Polish Director Agnieszka Holland. I know what I will be in 2017 she was the honoured guest of the OIFF and presented his film “the mark of the beast”, and in 2018-m received the award “Golden Duke” for contribution to cinema. “The price of truth” – a new film by Agnieszka Holland, created with the participation of Ukraine, Poland and the UK. It was first shown at the 69th Berlin film festival, where the movie competed for the main prize of the main competition – “Golden bear”. Let her and failed to win, however at screenings of the film in front of cinema queues of spectators. Everyone was interested in the real story of British journalist Gareth Jones, who first the Western media told about the horrors of the Ukrainian famine.

The debut full meter Nariman Aliyev became a real discovery of 2019. First film I saw in Cannes. There it was shown in the competition program “Special view”. “Home” has caused a storm of emotions and neskolkometrovuyu ovation, and the Director of the festival, Thierry Fremaux noted the amazing game of starring Ahtem Seitablaev. Movie of Nariman Aliyev – one of the few that speaks about the annexation of the Crimea, especially at a time when the media seemed to have forgotten this question. But he says it indirectly, focusing on the eternal problem of fathers and children. In the story the father the younger son taking the body of the deceased in the Donbass eldest son to his homeland in the Crimea, there to bury him. History can’t touch. It is so heartfelt that I just can’t hold back tears at the end. And apparently I’m not alone, because “Home” has received Grand Prix of the 10-th OIFF the results of the audience voting. By the way, Ukrainian film received for the first time at the festival this award, and even shared it with Georgian painting “And then we danced.” By the way, is also interesting and relevant movie.

The story unfolds in the Ukrainian provinces, where the lives of five little rebel Revolution, her cousin-teen Larisa and the beloved girl, bandit Scar. World premiere this story took place in 2018 in the competitive program of the Berlinale Panorama. This full-length debut of Director Marysia nikitiuk, who had directed several short films and wrote scripts for films by other Directors. I note that the movie Marysia nikitiuk is filled with symbolism that is reminiscent of the work of the representatives of “Ukrainian poetic cinema”, the style of which was set by Alexander Dovzhenko.

For the young Ukrainian Director of the film “quiet My mind” – the debut full meter. It’s a Comedy and it came out very good. It is very different from his “colleagues” in the genre, because the film is interwoven with another and a road movie about mother and son taxi driver-engineer. They go on a joint visit to Transcarpathia, the guy was able to record the voice of rare birds. Working trip turns for the characters in the test during which the start of a showdown between mother and son, discussing ambitions and goals. In many ways, the film turned out thanks to Irma Vitovskaya, who performed the role of mother. She was so in character, so skillfully conveyed emotions and feelings to the son, that it easily discernible to all friend of the woman, too concerned with his adult child.

“Haytarma” – the first Crimean Tatar full-length feature film, which tells about the tragedy in the history of this nation, deportation. The picture was created by Akhtem by Seitablaev based on real events of 1944, when there was Stalin’s deportation of the Crimean Tatars. To this terrible event viewer looks through the eyes of famous Aviator, national hero of Crimean Tatars, Amet-Khan Sultan, played by Ahtem Seytablaev. After the expulsion of Nazi invaders from the Crimea, the military command allowed him together with comrades to visit his parents in Alupka. When the pilots were in the city, held operation of the NKVD in the forced deportation of the Crimean Tatars.

Taras Tkachenko raised the issue, who care about our community. Directed the poignant and true drama about Ukrainians, who are forced to go abroad to work to support the family. Only here because of this, families often crumble, and those who are left, do not return for years, and suffer humiliating treatment of different kinds of jobs housekeeper, and so on. “The nest of the turtledove” describes a similar story of Darina. She went to Italy, where he became a housekeeper at the old lady. In a working relationship intervenes sympathy on the part of the son of the hostess. Between Darina and Alessandro arises in a romantic relationship. On returning home to her husband and daughter heroine will have to make difficult choices between life before and after. Simple and honest painting received the title of “Best full-length Ukrainian film” at the FESTIVAL in 2016.

This film was voted the best Eastern European documentary film festival “DOK Leipzig” in Germany. He describes the events which changed the Ukraine in the winter of 2013/2014. But not a revolution as such, but the General pattern of rebellion, which ended in bloodshed. It begins as a noble quest for freedom, but then leads to chaos, anger and pure rage. Then there are victims on both sides, no matter how much someone righteous. This is a film about the blurring of the boundaries between good and evil. The filmmakers came to the “Maidan” to capture what is happening, but took an emotional movie that brings the viewer back to the past.


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