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The developers of the fifth generation of mobile communications promise to the world a technological breakthrough. But 5G technology has a lot of enemies. In 2019-2020 in the United States, Switzerland, Cyprus held numerous protests against the installation of towers 5G. And in the midst of an epidemic of coronavirus in the UK disgruntled citizens even began to burn the tower, suspecting that they are somehow connected with the spread of the disease.

What is 5G

For the average consumer, the transition to mobile fifth-generation means an increase in the average volume of data transfer 1-2 GB/s and a maximum of up to 70 Gbit/s. If the 3G was enough to provide voice communications, and 4G mobile Internet, 5G technology is not just for the comfort of the consumer online content, but for the full “digitalization of society”. So, due to the transition to the new frequencies can be implemented in a complete virtual reality and so-called “tactile Internet”.

5G telecommunication standard frequency millimeter range (for example, in the United States in 2016 is allowed to use a frequency of 28 GHz, 37 GHz and 39 GHz). It involves changing the density of cell towers – they should be placed every 100-200 meters, i.e. as often as lampposts. The tower 5G more compact than conventional equipment is placed in a small “box” that can be placed almost anywhere.

Concerns of opponents of the technology

Technology used in 5G frequency electromagnetic radiation on some parameters closer to those used in microwave ovens, as well as in military microwave cannon. Accordingly, they have the potential to negatively affect organic matter and, in particular, on living organisms.

Unfortunately, the development of communication technologies there is no medical control, as, for example, the introduction of new drugs. Sami Telecom giants, understandably, not too interested in funding serious research that may lead to harm 5G for living organisms. So you have to rely on data collected by the activists of the movement Stop5G in different countries.

First and foremost, they speak about the possible negative impact of electromagnetic radiation on animals, which use electromagnetic pulses to coordinate in space and communicate with each other is mainly birds or insects. For example, in the Netherlands, after the appearance of the towers 5G extinct local population of starlings.

According to the Swiss publication ProNature, millimeter waves raise the body temperature of insects. Electromagnetic waves have long been used in agriculture to scare away pests. There is evidence that irradiation 5G is increased and the temperature of the human body. Dr. Martin poll from the University of Washington concluded that pulsed electromagnetic field 5G is destructive to the brain and heart. Other researchers even talking about the radiation damage the DNA in the human body, which can occur cancer.

Finally, there is another serious threat. It is possible that the tower 5G can be used for mental influence on the people through the “microwave auditory effect” (Frey effect). It may be useful to the government, for example, if necessary, suppress riots.

5G and coronavirus

Protests against technology 5G intensified in the spring of 2020. In England in the epidemic COVID-19 was marked by the burning of towers of cellular operators. Such incidents took place in Birmingham, Liverpool, Merseyside and Melling. Arsonists get inspired conspiracy theories gleaned from the Internet. The authors noticed that Wuhan, where he began coronavirus epidemic is one of the cities in China with the most advanced telecommunication technologies. At the end of 2019, the company launched China Telecom in Wuhan, the 5G network by installing on the streets 10 thousand base stations. The version that COVID-19 and 5G technology related, defends popular English boxer Amir Khan. The UK Department responsible for digital communications, has officially denied the rumors about the existence of any connection between the spread of coronavirus and electromagnetic radiation. The media mongers towers compare with the British Luddites, who at the dawn of the industrial revolution broke the machine.

Opponents of the conspiracy theory point out that in Iran, where technologies of communication are at a low level, the numbers infected with coronavirus is also very high.

The government


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