Russia beat Slovakia

Wards Ilya Vorobyov defeated opponent, setting the tone of the meeting from the first minute of the match. My mom’s forwards scored, Gusev, and rascals Mikheev.

National team Russia ice hockey team confidently defeated Slovakia, affording guests under the leadership of Craig Ramsay a chance to hit his own net. In the sixth match of the 2018 world Cup Russians “in the classroom” defeated the rival with the score 4:0.

Already in the first period the nominal owners the move went ahead and the beginning of the 12-th minute of the match opened the score. At the second attempt scored Maxim Mamin. By the end of the 17th minute advantage master cast doubled Nikita Gusev. The striker took aim at the ridge of one of the Slovak defenders, from which the puck bounced straight into the goal Marek Chilaka. In the second half the Slovaks leveled the game, but to close the gap and failed. A few tense was the ending of the match. Slovakia on the counter, which, incidentally, took part even the goalkeeper, made several attempts to rehabilitate, but they were unsuccessful. Could finish the account to devastating Datsyuk and Yevgeni dadonov, but having a great chance to score, sorry opponent. Realized his chance in the last minute rascals, who intercepted the puck and scored into an empty net a minute before the end of the match. The final point put to him, drove the puck in the last seconds of the match.

4:0 – and the Russian team continues confident gait to get to the leader of the group A – national team Sweden – where it is waiting for a face-to-face meeting in the next match.

Earlier, the former referee Yuri Karandin said that Russia at the world championship in Denmark judged “perfect” because of the lack of American judges. This, according to experts, is a credit to the FHR.

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