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Today beautiful Isabella; what dreams lake toad and that may relieve the tension.

Catholics today honor Saint Isabella of Aragon , Queen of Portugal. This woman really was a Saint though and did not do anything extraordinary. Just reconciled enemies, with angelic patience belonged to the husband, pompous sadist and a schlemiel; actively engaged in education, helping all the disadvantaged and needy. With Isabella of Aragon connected widely known in the Catholic world the miracle of the roses. Somehow, one cold winter morning, the Queen decided to take some food to the homeless. Hurriedly throwing everything into the hem of the dress, she slipped out of the castle. But at the gate she was waiting for the king. He was a man not only cruel, but also extremely stingy. Seeing his wife, he asked where she goes or what she carries. The woman, without thinking, replied that bears roses. “You’re lying!”, – angrily exclaimed the king, “Show me!” Isabella lifted the hem of the dress, and the king saw the roses. This is such a touching story.

Bats flew after sunset to a warm and Sunny day. Lake toad came out on the shore – asking for rain.

Name day congratulations Maxim, Ivan, George, Alexis, Paul, Nicholas, Nikita.

7:49 Moon enters the sign of Capricorn. Tomorrow is a full moon. A day of conflicting desires and emotions. All – or much – will be based on clear plans, “shall”, not “want or not”. But in a clear order and regularity may unexpectedly intervene to force majeure, as well as emotions. Possible conflicts and rigid opposition between the quiet (balanced) and emotional people, including in the family. Physical activity today is extremely useful – it will remove the excess emotional stress. These days do not overeat, to drink and mess around. It is best to try to be a good boy, because all eventually will multiply – as a plus sign and a minus sign.

According to the Central geophysical Observatory of Ukraine, the coldest this day was in Kiev in 1892 – +of 8.8, and the warmest in 1938 – +34,4.


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