10 most unusual libraries in the world of all time, slideshow – 24 Channel

Ukrainian day BTC is celebrated annually on September 30. Today in Ukraine there are about 40 thousand libraries, and the number of readers of the Ukrainians, who visit them, is only 17 thousand.

We offer you to learn about the 10 most unusual and ancient libraries in the world, which is visited by thousands of people every day. Perhaps we will take something for themselves, and, adopting foreign experience, podogreem interest of Ukrainians for trips to the outstanding Ukrainian book Depository.

The library of the monastery of St. gall, Switzerland

The Radcliffe Camera, UK

Library-Museum of children’s picture books, Japan

The library of the University of al-Karuna, Morocco

The library of Congress, USA

The library of Alexandria, Egypt

Lire à la plage, France

Children’s library “Soneva Kiri” Thailand

The Stuttgart city library, Germany

Vatican library, Vatican city

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