the oldest method of healing the body

Ayurvedic science says that the human body is affected by three main elements: Vata is responsible for proper breathing, Kafa, whose area of responsibility the strength and vitality of the body, and Pitta, which controls metabolism.


Tongue cleaning: 30 seconds

After brushing, use a special tool (or just the side of the spoon) for removing plaque from the tongue. If you do it regularly, every day, this procedure will help support the gallbladder and kidneys. The plaque, which you take, contains a lot of toxins and other harmful substances that can disturb the harmony of the body, and so you should get rid of him at least once a day.

Gargle with sesame oil – 2 minutes

After you clean the language, not a chemical rinse your mouth with the mouthwash and sesame oil, and then normal warm water. Sesame oil is rich in acids, normalizing the acid-alkaline balance of the mouth and promotes healthy teeth and gums much better than most cosmetic products.

Self-massage 3 minutes

Using a piece of soft wool or soft brush, massage your body with circular movements in the neck, back, shoulders, arms and fingers (at 10-20 a circular motion on every part of the body). After you massage the chest using an upward motion. Then go to the stomach, massaging it from left to right. After – to the thighs, moving from the inner side to the outer, and then to the legs and feet.

Self-massage of the body using a light brush improves blood circulation, stimulates the skin receptors and accelerates the renewal and restoration of internal organs.


Drink hot water – 30 seconds

Boil half a liter of clean water for 15 minutes, pour it into a thermos and SIP slowly for half an hour. Boiled hot water removes toxins from the body.

Relaxed breathing – 2 minutes

Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold your breath, and then exhale (also through the nose). Clear your mind of all unnecessary thoughts and focus on your breathing. Repeat this exercise until you feel relaxed. This breathing exercise contributes to the attainment of peace.

The evening

Stimulation of the digestive system – 2 minutes

Heat small amount of sesame oil and massage his stomach in circular motions. After you soak a towel in hot water, put it on the area and wait until it cools off. This process helps to improve digestion and also improves your sleep.


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