4 myths about dental health that it is time to stop believing

Teeth a person needs, as they help to grind up food, facilitating digestion. Teeth need, as give beauty to the smile. Teeth are an indicator of health and how people take care of themselves. But there are a number of myths about the body, which are common among the inhabitants. In fact, these views are taken from the heavens and invented by the lazy.

What myths about dental health, it’s time to stop believing – in the material MedikForum.ru.

Myth # 1: the person should be 32 teeth

It is considered that a perfect smile is one where you can see all 32 teeth. It is from this idiom and off this opinion. But this is nothing more than a myth. More precisely, this is true only partly. Normally, a person should be 28 teeth. And four – the so-called wisdom teeth that used really needed people, but in the process of evolution has lost its meaning. Now wisdom teeth bring only discomfort and no sense. Read more on wisdom teeth you can read our other material.

Myth # 2: milk teeth need not be treated

Of course, why should they be treated? After all, they will soon fall. No, no and no again! Adults should monitor the health of the milk teeth of their children to prevent problems in the development of permanent teeth. In addition, healthy teeth (albeit temporary) will help to ensure the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract. Accordingly, it is possible to avoid problems with digestion.

Myth # 3: gum will eliminate an unpleasant smell

If you use chewing gum immediately after eating, part of it can help in getting rid of unpleasant odor. But at the same time, if the smell is generated due to diseases of the teeth and gums, then this tool is absolutely powerless.

Myth # 4: white sugar leads to tooth decay

Also partly true. White sugar is a carbohydrate, namely, they are the cause of tooth decay. Therefore, it is foolish to think that just because of the sweets that have sugar, develops the disease of the teeth. Any food with carbohydrates can cause tooth decay. But at risk of course, lovers of baking, carbonated beverages, fast food and other junk food.


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