1 Ford Mustang Mach 1 between the GT and Shelby

Ford continues to delight lovers of muscle cars, especially Mustang fans. Not so long ago they announced the Ford Mach E and got not very positive feedback: “In trying to keep up with the wild wind they made this mustaga a wagon… These reviews was not satisfied with the automaker, although from a design point of view, it was possible to find innovative ideas.

Ford Mustang Mach 1 (2020) extends the range of these mad horses, and now this model will close the segment, which Ford arranged. Between classic Mustang and modification of the GT, down to the bizarre, powerful monsters from Shelby.

Externally, a brand new Mach, abounds in references to the old models. The familiar round holes on the grille and some stickers with a recognizable symbol. Unfortunately, the “hood” on the rear window, they replaced a couple of cracks, but is rather an improvement. Although we believe this was one of the distinguishing features of Mach.

Under the hood, the master of Ford, decided to put a powerful five-liter engine, which easily develops 480 HP, adding a 10-speed automatic. Generally, the Mach 1 will be a mix of successful details from both the original Mustangs to Shelby’s monster. From them, the fluff will get a 6-speed manual transmission. Moreover, the cooling system and powerful exhaust system, also borrowed from Shelby. In General, such a handsome man is not so easy to distinguish from other muscle cars of the Ford company. New bumper pattern around the body, grille, orange brake calipers, and a couple of frills for an additional price. But how did the Ford Mustang Mach 1 unique?

So far, the car is at the stage of revision, and all Ford can say that Mach will be stronger and more aggressive of the classics, on account of the cost before anyone says, but the fact that they once again gave a tribute to the classics for their fans, shows great respect to customers. But this is the second model of a range Mustang, which focuses on the history, the first was “Bullitt” from the same movie with Steve McQueen in the title role. In the meantime, we just have to wait for this horse.



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