12 hours later, terrorists from Lutsk was detained, the hostages were released

Photos of the National police of Ukraine

July 21 in Lutsk detained the man, who took hostage about 20 passengers of a Greyhound bus.

Around 21:30 the militiamen detained the malefactor maxima Krivosha. This was reported to the National police of Ukraine.

Terrorists took hostage several dozen passengers of the bus. The man shot at the Windows of the transport, and kept locked up all the victims. People were sitting in the cabin without food or water eight hours. Then militiamen managed to pass a package of water on the bus. But the Maxim Compressor shot glass, almost wounding of the Deputy of national police of Ukraine Yevgeniy Koval.

In the evening a terrorist released three people. their life is not threatened. Later, the security officers approached the bus and detained the malefactor. According to some, Maxim Compressor decided to surrender to the police and SBU. All hostages freed, security forces and local residents welcomed with applause and shouts of “well done”.

“No wounded, no explosives, which is incorporated in other places – no. In the evening in Kharkov detained his companion, with whom he had business contacts. There they confiscated several weapons, ammunition and explosives,” – said the head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

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